From its scorching climate to its bizarre news headlines, it would be no understatement to describe Florida as an extreme State. Once even known as the death metal capital of the world, Tampa Florida would eventually give birth to the extreme metallers IMMANIFEST in 2008. Invoking and combining their 
Floridian death metal roots with Nordic spirit, the band would go on to share the stage with International acts such as DEICIDE, KAMELOT, TYR, KORPIKLAANI and KULT OV AZAZEL. Their ‘QLIPHOTIC’ EP, officially released in the summer of 2010 would also go on to win praise from members of OLD MAN'S CHILD, BORKNAGAR, DEICIDE, KAMELOT and MALEVOLENT CREATION. While taking influence from many extreme metal subgenres, the band’s sound could perhaps best be described as symphonic black / death metal. Now, after finally awakening from hypersleep, the sextet have joined 
forces with THE ARTISAN ERA for the next chapter…

Anton Kalaj – Guitar/Synth 
Asgrim Allen Nunn – Guitar/Synth
Eric “Eldrik Bloodaxe” Avant – Vocals 
Christopher “Dracin” Sortino – Vocals 
David Belmonte – Bass 
Chris Pistillo – Drums