The Odious Construct carves out a path beyond the typical "complex for complexities sake"”

Brave Words

The Odious construct

Formed in Sacramento, CA, the Odious Construct was originally envisioned by guitarist Wesley Yee and drummer KC Brand, in early 2015. Formerly part of the thrash outfit, The Battle of Midway, the two sought out guitarist Ben Jackson (Ex-Legions Requiem), Sam Datu (ex-Trial by Fire) and Casey Ryle (ex-Embodied Torment). By mid-2016, the band independently released there self-titled debut EP, which was well received from around the world, and built a solid foundation for the bands promising future.

The Odious Construct has recently signed with The Artisan Era and is releasing their highly anticipated follow up EP, "Shrine of the Obscene". Available worldwide on October 12th, 2018.

Casey Ryle - Vocals 
Wes Yee - Guitars 
Ben Jackson - Guitars 
KC Brand - Drums 
Sam Datu - Bass